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Sarvadeo Mandir​

114-04 Jamaica Avenue,
 Richmond Hill, NY 11418
The History Of Sarvadeo Mandir

Founder of
 Sarvadeo Mandir
Pt. Jagdis Maharaj

Former Spiritual Leader of
Sarvadeo Mandir
Pt. Deodath S. M. Maharaj

Spiritual Leader 
​Pt. Anand Maharaj
Sarvadeo Mandir is a non-profit organization founded by the late Pundit Jagdis Maharaj of Sister's Road, Busy Corner, Princes Town, Trinidad and the former Spiritual Leader Pundit Deodath Simbhoonarine Mooklal Maharaj, in the year 1965.

It is a place where devotees from all over regardless of race, color, creed or orientation can come together in peace, for the purpose of worship, socialization, meditation and spirituality.

In the year 1998 a branch of the Sarvadeo Mandir was opened at
114-04 Jamaica Avenue, New York, U.S.A. by the grand son of the late Pundits Jagdis and Mooklal Maharaj, the son of the late Pundit Deodath S.M. Maharaj.

At Sarvadeo Mandir, worship is conducted according to the stipulations of Sanatan Dharma [ Hindu Faith] and devotees are welcome from all walks of life, to join with us in devotion and spirituality.