Pundit Anand Maharaj has been a Pundit in the Hindu Denomination for over
thirty (30) years. He has undergone both extensive and intensive religious training in Hindu Priesthood and the Rituals of the Hindu Faith in preparation for his appointment to the office of Pundit. Pundit Anand Maharaj training took the form of several courses and seminars on the Doctrine and Practices of the Hindu Faith sponsored by various affiliated Hindu Institutions, this was confirmed by us with the S.D.M.S. of Trinidad and Tobago, which is the Licensing authority for Pundits in the West Indies.
Pundit Anand is qualified to perform the duties of a Pundit by virtue of several religious educational courses he has completed. Pundit Anand was initiated into the Priest life at the age of five (5) years and had advanced to a Bhramhachari at the age of ten (10).
With continuous study in Rituals, Samskars and Priesthood under the guidance of his Guru and other Pundits, Pundit Anand was promoted to Prohit  in the year 1982.
Sarvadeo Mandir
Dharmacharya Pt. Anand Maharaj
In the pursuit of an academic qualification and a great desire to observe rituals by Pundits in India, Pundit Anand Maharaj then traveled to continue his study in India. Upon his return to Trinidad Pundit Anand continued his studies as a Priest for another three (3) years  and was Ordained Pundit in 1988 by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago.
In the year 1988 Pundit Anand was appointed as Pundit at the Sanatan Seva Sang Mandir in Princes Town, Trinidad, where he served for ten (10) years. During those ten years Pundit Anand Maharaj continued his studies and after the successful completion of the courses “Hindi”, “Sanskrit” and “Philosophy” was granted a Certificate by the Kaywalyadham of Trinidad in 1990. He also completed several courses, and workshops, in preparation for the great work of preaching the Holy Books and Pundit Anand Maharaj was awarded a Certificate Of Competency, after the completion of the study of “Karmkand”(rituals) and “Purohit-Karma” (Priesthood) in September 1994, by the U.S.A. Pandits Parishad Inc. located at 
87-56 Place, Jamaica New York 11432. 
On February 22nd of 1995 Pundit Anand Maharaj was licensed to perform marriages in his native Trinidad and Tobago.
To suit the need of his duties, Pundit Anand Maharaj was required to complete courses of study in Teachers Training and upon successful completion of “Practical Teaching”, “Psychology and Sociology”, “Family Life Education”, “Principles and Practice of Education”, “Physical Education” and “Music” Pundit Anand Maharaj was awarded a Teachers Diploma in 1995 by the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago after which Pt. Anand Maharaj completed his Bachelor’s Degree in the year of 1998. 
In the year 1998 Pundit Anand Maharaj entered the Sarvadeo Mandir USA and was appointed position as Pundit since January 1999.  Pundit Anand is authorized by New York to solemnize marriages.  Additionally Pundit Anand has completed Graduate studies in Astrology and is a qualified Jotishi, specialized in performing special Graha Pujas, Nakshatras Pujas, Kaal Sarp Shanti Pujas, Mangalic Pujas, Mahamrityunjaya Pujas and other remedial rites.
Pundit Anand is also specialized in the performance of Shraad such as Panchak Shanti Puja, 11th Day rites, 12th day rites, Sapind Shraad, Nandi Shraad, Narayanbali Shraad etc. while continuing to perform regular Deota and Devi pujas, weddings and officiating at Yagyas.

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Pt.Anand Maharaj
First Puja officiated in was at Fyzabad in 1975 at the age of 10
First  Wedding officiated in was at Princes Town, Trinidad in 1976 at the age of 11
First Yagya officiated in was at Rio Claro Trinidad in 1980 at the age of 15
First Shraad officiated in was at New Grant Princes Town, Trinidad in 1981 at the  age of 16
Officiated in over 100 Bhagwat Mahapuran Yagyas
Officiated in over 100 ShivPuran Yagyas
Officiated in over 300 Devi Bhagwat Yagyas
Officiated in over 1000 Ramayans.
Officiated in 108 Nights Gyan Yagya at New York 2000 
Officiated in the first 54 Night Gyan Yagya in New York 2001
Is one of the few Pundits selected by the SDMS to Officiate in Answer Back Yagyas.
First Pundit to Read Garud Puran Yatra Yagya in Trinidad -1987.
First Pundit to Read 15 Nights Garud Puran Yagya for in New York -1999
First Pundit to Read 30 Nights Mahabharat Yagya in New York -2001
First Pundit to Read Vishnu Puran Yagya in New York -2010
First Pundit to Read Garud Puran Yatra Yagya in New York -2013.
.         First Pundit to Read Garud Puran Yagya in Guyana 2015.

Officiated in Throughout Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Guyana,  Canada, London UK,
 New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Orlando, Ocala, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, 
Minnesota, Sarasota, Alaska, Texas, Washington DC, Maryland, Seattle and other states 
in the USA.


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