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Pt. Sudarshan
Pundit Sudarshan Maharaj is the son of Pt. Anand Maharaj and Nila Maharaj, grandson of Pt. Deodath Maharaj and Suruj Maharaj. The great grandson of the Pt. Mooklal Maharaj of Avocat, Trinidad and Pt. Jagdis Maharaj of Princes Town, Pt. Parshuram Maharaj of India and Pt. Arjoon Maharaj of Maruga, Trinidad.

Pt. Sudarshan Maharaj has been a practicing Pundit for more than 12 years. He has officiated in many yagnas, samskars, and musical events in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Florida, the Caribbean and other places around the world.

At the age of 5, he was initiated by Pt Krishna Maharaj, of Trinidad, as brahmachari. Training under both Pt. Krishna Maharaj and the current Dharmacharya, Pt. Anand Maharaj, he completed his first puja at the age of ten.
After which has performed puja at Sarvadeo Mandir New York and Sarvadeo Mandir Trinidad and began his studies in the different types Astrological Rituals and underwent the training of being a proper Vyas. He studied the Holy Books under Pt Anand Maharaj of Sarvadeo Mandir NY. He was also trained in Agni Sthapna and Vedic Hawan Vidhi under his Guruji, Pt. Krishna Maharaj. Learning the procedures and mantras of different sanskars and shraadh from Pt Parasram Maharaj of Avocat, Trinidad. He was later sent under training at the Gaurishankar Mandir of the Bronx, under the guidance of Pt.Dr. Gaurinarine Maharaj for examinations and for the Certificate of Competency in Karmkand, Puranic Philosophy, Hindi, and Gita Studies.

He officiated in his first yagya at the age of 14. Punditji has officiated in the local mandirs of Queens, such as the Sarvadeo Mandir, Sudama Mandir, Shaanti Bhavan Mandir, and Shyama Shyam Dham.At the age of 16 he was ordained by Sarvadeo Mandir Inc of Trinidad and Sarvadeo Mandir Inc. of New York. By the age of 20, Punditji completed the study of many Mahapuranas under the guidance of Pt Anand Maharaj. He was given the title as Vyas at the age 22. 

At an early age Pundit Sudarshan had a lot of interest in tabla. He learned tabla from local musicians and from younger tabla players from his mandir. However his true talents are shown on the harmonium, keyboard, and piano. Between the ages of 15-20, Pt Sudarshan studied music under the guidance of Shri Manik Mahlotra, of the Rampur Gharana in India of the Sa Re Ga Ma Desi Beats. He has been trained in Indian classical, semi classical, Sufi, ghazal, and many other genres of Indian music. He also shares a love for the local Trinidadian Classical style that he has been exposed to from his early childhood by local artistes. 

Pundit Sudarshan also holds a background in Criminology and has worked with many prestigious attorneys and former NYPD Officials in performing research during his early college years. He was able to claim his Associates of Science Degree in the year of 2017 from Queensborough Community College. Punditji has taken many classes in in the Social Sciences such as Sociology, Psychology, and Criminology. He has a lot of experience in dealing with the Criminal Justice system as he has spent time with officers from different sections of the Criminal Justice system to understand the reasons of crime and its occurrence. Embedded in his Criminology background, Punditji also had an interest in Sociological Theory in which he studied behavioral theory of people in the modern day.

Punditji studies at the City University of Queens College and currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Quantitative Economics & Mathematics with a concentration heading into Financial Engineering. He is currently en route to attaining a Masters Degree in Mathematics under the influence and guidance of the most prestigious mentors of the University. He holds a heavy interest in Probability Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Chaos Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, and in Econometrics. Pundit Sudarshan will later on proceed towards a higher level and pursue a PhD in Mathematics with a concentration on Probability Theory. He was also accepted in the Mathematical Association of America in 2019 as a Mathematician. Recently in the year of 2020, Punditji began a new project called “Intelligent Econometrics” which entails Economical Predictions using computer languages and mathematics to create business models and predict sales of investments.

During Punditji’s time at University, under the influence of Pt. Anand Maharaj, Punditji double majored Philosophy. He ranged from Metaphysics to many other philosophical concepts. He studied the history of Indian Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy and Modern Philosophy. He was told in having a balance between Science and Philosophy would mark a great pundits and a balanced human being. It is his belief that this contributes to a holistic outlook where academics meets the works of a Purohit. Pundit Sudarshan has studied mainly with the Distinguished Professors of the Philosophy Department in writing thesis papers in the Religion, Law, Science, Existentialism, and Eastern Philosophy (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism). 

Pundit Sudarshan has read and completed studies in many religious texts inside and outside of Hinduism. He has studied from the pages of the many Hindu Scriptures, the Holy Bible, the Quran and scriptures from many faiths around the world. Up to current date, Punditji loves to read new types of philosophical writings from all over the world. He has also done research papers comparing many faiths with Sanatan Dharma ranging from the Ancient Greeks to other European faiths. 

Pundit Sudarshan hosts a weekly Hindu educational show called “The Whispers of Truth” where he gives information to the public by getting to the bottom of many myths about Hinduism. The programs initial start began in 2019 in October. In 2020, the program has changed a course where topics are discussed in a lecture forum. The show entails many controversial topics that the younger generation is concerned about. Topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Hinduism, Evolution and Hindu Scriptures, Procedures of Shraad, and many more mind-boggling topics. 

He is the first Pundit in the United States to begin a debating forum where myths can be debunked through proof of the scriptures. The show continues in the 2020 reboot where a more academic approach is introduced. The 2020 version of the show takes on a new approach where it is in a lecture form where by issues are raised and questions are answered through visual effects displaying scriptural concepts and facts. 

In 2019, Pundit Sudarshan Maharaj had been appointed the Spiritual Leader of the Sarvadeo Mandir New York being one of the youngest Spiritual Leaders in New York State and in the United States. He has served at Sarvadeo Mandir for many years and has performed in many events, and officiated in many events. It originally founded by his great grandfather. He is the third generation of the lineage of his father side to hold the Spiritual Leader title. 

 Punditji was appointed as the Secretary General of the International Pundits Council by unanimous decision in the year of 2019. Being the youngest on the Executive in the International Pundits Council, he was also voted to be the Director of Examination and has created the curriculum for the teachings of the Puranas, and Interfaith Philosophy.